Here comes the heat: Temps to feel like 100 this weekend

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A look at what Saturday afternoon could feel like when combining the heat and humidity

So far, the month of June has felt a lot like climatology says it should come in: about half a degree above average through the 27th,  which is about as close to average as you can get. But, it looks like our first heat wave is on its way as we round out the month.

The state has seen some pretty seasonable temperatures through the month of June so far, but many have commented that it has actually felt cool for a summer month. Well, that’s for two reasons.

First, because the last couple of Junes have been well above average, so short term memory makes us think that’s what this month is supposed to fell like.

The second reason is because humidity levels have been kept in check through the month.

Dewpoints are a measurement of the level of moisture in the atmosphere. The higher the number, the more moisture is in the air and typically the more uncomfortable conditions become. From late spring through early fall, moisture levels in Minnesota are typically as high, and, at times, higher than Florida. This is when dewpoints soar past the comfortable 50s, humid 60s and into the tropical 70s giving Minnesota that sauna-like feel for at least a couple of months a year.

Well this year, our dewpoints have rarely pased 60 degrees and they have peaked in the middle 60s only a couple of times. This is a little less normal for the month of June, but we’re about to make up for lost time.

Southerly and southeasterly breezes will be ushering in far more humidity over the weekend.  Dewpoints will start their climb on Friday and then will likely get into the 70s in the metro on Saturday.

With temperatures into the low 90s, expect that “feels like” temperature to be pushing 100 degrees. Then, a cold front starts to swing across the Upper Midwest. This cold front could very well make things even more miserable on Sunday.

While it is far from certain, that front will act like a windshield wiper in the atmosphere, forcing a large amount of humidity to build out ahead of it just like water pools up against the blade of a windshield wiper as it pushes across the glass. This has the potential to send dewpoints soaring close to 80 degrees. This could give some locations a “feels like” temp closer to 110 degrees.

Admittedly though, a heat index that high would be a long shot, but 100-degree feeling heat is likely both days. We’ll see how much warmer we can get as we get into the weekend.

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