Have snow envy? Head to Maine

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While we have seen a meager snow season in Minnesota at best, much of New England, especially Maine, has seen an extraordinary amount of snow -- most of which, is still on the ground. 

The city of Caribou, Maine has now seen more than 120 straight days with at least a foot of snow on the ground which is a new record length. That’s over 4 months!

And it’s not like they are just sitting at a foot, they STILL have a whopping 29 inches of snow on the ground. In fact, many locations will likely see one of their all-time deepest snow depths to start the month of April, and it’s not even over yet. 

More snow is likely for much of the state Friday and  Saturday. Totals for the year top 100 inches in many locations, with some spots nearing 150 inches for the season.