FEB warm up was one for the record books

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Our fun in the sun, and our spring fling with record warmth, is now behind us. The snowpack has shrunk to almost nonexistent and the blood may have thinned a bit for many Minnesotans during that mini February heat wave. Now, as we head back to reality, it’s a good time to take a look back at what was one of the warmest February weeks in recent memory.

First, it was warm as temperatures soared into the 60s. That 60 degree temperature threshold is hard to cross during the month of February, but we did it. In fact, the Twin Cities has only reached 60° in February six times, two of which occurred during this recent warm up. This February we hit 60° + twice, the first time for this month in Twin Cities history. We did not stop there, we hit the most consecutive fifty degree readings in a row. 

During the stretch of warm weather, we broke or tied record highs on 5 separate days.

                63°          Feb 17, 2017

                58°          Feb 18, 2017

                59°          Feb 19, 2017

                62°          Feb 21, 2017

                59°          Feb 22, 2017

The 63° high recorded on February 17 was the second warmest February temperature ever for the Twin Cities. We even set a record for a warm overnight low. The low of on the 20th only dipped down to 42°, unheard of for February in the Twin Cities.

Now it’s on the end of February with a chance of a winter storm and temperatures getting back to average. Stay tuned everyone.