April is the windiest month of the year in Minnesota

It's been a windy few weeks, but that's not unusual in the month of April.

April is windy. Actually, it's our windiest month of the year. We’ve only had two days this month so far with peak wind gusts under 30 mph, and Wednesday, April 24, will be the third day. Five days so far this month have had average wind speeds higher than 15 mph, making for very blustery conditions. So far this month, only one day has featured a lack of wind, which was April 5.

The average monthly wind speed for Minneapolis since 1945 peaks in April is 11.5 mph. Spring, in general, tends to have the highest average wind speed, with March and May both showing 10.6 mph. Our month with the least wind on average is August, where average winds are 8.7 mph, and July is not far off at 8.9 mph.

Another view of the same information shows how mid to late-mid April is the peak wind period of the month.

So if you're tired of the nearly constant gusty breezes, you just have to wait for April to end.