Twin Cities designer collaborations

By now you're familiar with designer collaborations—it's become a major marketing tool for retailers like Target and H&M, and usually, it's a big name designer collaborating with a big name brand. But a growing number of local companies are getting in on the act, and here to tell us about some hot new local designer collaborations is Mpls.St.Paul Magazine style editor Allison Kaplan: 

1. Powerhouse Design for MidModMen + Friends, 1960s-inspired lamp shades and pendants. 2401 University Ave., St. Paul,

2. Artist Statements T-Shirt Project, t-shirts designed by contemporary artists, sot at the Store at MIA, a Mall of America pop=up and online,

3. Live & Love MN x Senn & Sons, a collection of foil art prints, t-shirts, tote bag and mug.

4. 4. Duluth Pack, Leatherworks Minnesota, Oak Street Bootmakers, Studio on Fire for Wilson and Willy's, 211 Washington Ave. N., Mpls.,

5. Pink Flamingo party invites from Red Stamp for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine,