Tips to take care of your skin during winter

Ross Sveback shares tips to care for your skin during the winter.

As temperatures take a nose-dive, so does your skin's moisture levels.  Here are some tips and products to help fight back against the parched, flakey, itchy season of winter.

Change your moisturizer to a one with heavier density - switching from a lightweight to heavier moisturizer will lock moisture in longer. 

Slough away dead skin more often so you can drink up all needed moisture.  Derma Doctor has a fantastic acid cleanse (kakadu c) which you put on dry skin that helps to keep your skin flawless on a daily basis and ready to receive all the benefits your moisturizer has to offer.  Their KP Duty line is also fantastic for those bumpy patches on the back of your arm, some call 'chicken skin' aka karatosis pilaris. 

Always moisturize damp skin - moisturize before you open the bathroom door which helps maintain the humidity levels in the room and skin.  Derma Doctor

Keep lips moisturized, products like Aquaphor are perfect for your lips - even consider drinking liquids with a straw instead of a bottle as remaining moisture left on the lips tend to dry lips out even more.

Skin on hands is thinner than most other areas, and more vulnerable due to it's exposure to the elements.  keep moisturizers readily available in convenient places so you can hydrate your hands often throughout the day.  products like shea butter are an excellent way to keep your hands looking good as shea produces collagen naturally in the skin. - kakadu c line is amazing, and KP Duty for bumpy arms - shea butter and Divine collection are must have's for me

For all over body moisturizer I use a regular, fragrance-free moisturizer found at most stores, changing the brand each time so my skin gets a change - such as Curel, St. Ives, etc.