RECIPE: Cody Matz's cottage cheese salad

Who knew meteorologists could cook?

Over the weekend, Fox 9 weather guy Cody Matz demonstrated how to make his famous cottage cheese salad recipe.

You can watch him in action in the video at the top of this post. Here's how you do it:

Start with 44oz of your favorite cottage cheese, then add

- One medium diced cucumber

- One diced sweet pepper (Cody uses parts of three colors)

- One medium diced onion (Cody uses half a red onion and half a white)

- One medium diced tomato

Cody adds: "Throw them all together then stir in a good tablespoon or two of parsley, chives, and a pepper blend, but feel free to season to taste. You can use any seasonings you want, really, but I found that these work the best. However, cilantro is a really good one too... and if you want a little spice, throw in a dash of chili powder or even a minced jalapeno."