Craft a festive Thanksgiving tree

It comes as no surprise that I would have a Thanksgiving tree - I have a tree for almost every holiday, it's how I roll....   I caught the bug after seeing a few Patricia Breen ornaments that were autumnal/Thanksgiving themed -mostly Santas, which I thought was such an interesting twist (Christmas and Thanksgiving combined). 

Yet how does one find a tree to put them on - you could after all go find the perfect branch from a tree and use that, placing it in a autumnal container possibly.  I chose to go all out and had a custom-colored feather tree made by the man himself, Dennis Bauer.  His trees are collectables, each one is hand signed and dated - at $350, one is not playing around when you reach this level.  My tree is made from yellow-dyed goose feathers that have been hand wrapped around wires with pearl tips - you get to choose the color of the tips as well.  Contact me should you wish to order one, since he does not have a website -

I didn't want to flood the tree with all Patricia Breen ornaments for two reason - one, I didn't have a million dollars, and two I felt it would be too much stimulation.  Then, I was trolling ornaments online and discovered these awesome autumnal ones at Sur la Table - pumpkins, leaves and pinecones, all the perfect size and color scheme to add, yet not distract - and all on clearance.

Coupled with a strand of Indian Corn Patrica Breen garland - it is almost finished, still need to find an owl and acorn - Patricia Breen if you are reading this, please get on it.

The key to creating any holiday tree is trolling - looking - especially right before/after holidays when the ornaments are usually on sale.  Patricia Breen ornaments are the ultimate for collectors - these never go on sale.  Look for nature/woodland/autumnal themed ornaments - some holiday trees take years to finish, be patient - don't rush.  Branches offer a perfect solution for your tree, consider spraying it with bronze or glitter in a pomegranate color to add dimension.   Even with the ornaments, you may find the perfect ornament idea yet encrust it with glitter to make it your own.