Color for the colorblind, with special lenses

Nearly 300 million people in the world are color blind. As someone who is color blind and works in a world of color, it was exciting to find out that En Chroma had developed a pair of lenses that could potentially allow me and others to see the world through a new set of 'eyes'. Color is such a personal experience, and my struggle with color affects my professional bringing forth obstacles and limitations which I have tried my able best to overcome. Creating recipes and photographing my work can be quite frustrating, whereas having this kind of technology available to someone such as myself will give me the ability to work to my full potential.

En Chroma, has been working for over 10+ years on developing this technology which can not only help folks like me live richer lives, yet I also believe will help some work in professions they otherwise would never have been able to - all of us who are helped by this will be able to see the world the way most take for granted. 

A simple test can be taken that will give you a rough percentage estimate on the likelihood these lenses will work for you. The frames range in price from $325 - $450, and come in a variety of styles to suit most people's needs -

En Chroma has partnered with local, Minnesota paint/color giant Valspar, to bring the #ColorForAll campaign in an effort to promote this ground breaking technology. Watch the video and see people observing the world for the first time the way most others do.