Vikings coach Mike Zimmer takes call from Deion Sanders during media session

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer spoke with reporters on Monday after his team’s 27-20 win over the L.A. Chargers on Sunday, and got a surprise phone call at the end from Deion Sanders.

Zimmer answered the call, as he coached Sanders during his time with the Dallas Cowboys. He said he’s been trying to reach Sanders for the last two weeks. Sanders, now the head football coach at Jacksonville State, is still recovering from having foot surgery that had complications.

"Should we answer it while we’re on the call? It’s Deion," Zimmer joked. "I’m on a Zoom meeting with the media, you want to say hi?"

Sanders said, "Hey everybody, that was a big win my man had yesterday. I picked him, I knew he was going to be dominant yesterday. You ain’t going to let no young coach beat you. I know better than that, man."

When Zimmer asked him how he was doing, Sanders said, "I’m hanging in there, I’m getting better and better every day."

"Sorry about that, I haven’t been able to get a hold of him for like two weeks. He’s been in the hospital," Zimmer told reporters.

Zimmer was then asked by a reporter if Sanders was the most impressive person in his cell phone, aside from Bill Parcells.

"Kenny Chesney, Parcells. I’ve got a few," Zimmer joked.

Zimmer, understandably, was in a good mood after the Vikings beat the Chargers to snap a two-game losing streak and re-enter the NFC Playoff conversation with the Green Bay Packers coming to town this week.