Twins trade mitts for milking gloves at State Fair

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A pair of Minnesota Twins players had their hands full in a fierce head-to-head battle at the Minnesota State Fair.

Competitive milking.

Pitchers Ervin Santana and Bartolo Colon elected to be the judges, while infielders Eduardo Escobar and Jorge Polanco got to put on a different type of glove.

“Have more time in the big leagues, me and Bartolo, so we picked the rookies,” said Santana.

For two rounds, Polanco and Escobar got in there. Dairy owner Jerry Jennissen held the tail to protect our roster.

“We don't want to have our dairy on the news to say the Jer-Lindy farms took the Twins out of the playoff race,” said Jennissen. “That would be bad!”

In the end, the pitchers picked Polanco as winner. The owners were split on their performance.

The cow didn't seem to care.

“They stick with what they’re doing and I’ll stick with what I'm doing,” laughed Jennissen.