Timberwolves G Jarrett Culver, 9-year-old battling cystic fibrosis form friendship

A 9-year-old named Addie and Jarrett Culver have formed an unlikely friendship. (FOX 9)

A Timberwolves rookie has developed a unique bond with a 9-year-old basketball fan battling cystic fibrosis.

Guard Jarrett Culver and Addie Zimmerman have become fast friends. Basketball isn’t just a love for Zimmerman. It’s an escape from her fight against the disease.

Her father, Mike Zimmerman, gravitated towards Culver because they both went to Texas Tech. Addie quickly became a fan as well and mike thought he’d share his daughter’s story.

The Zimmermans sent Culver a letter in July 2019 shortly after Culver was drafted.

Culver read it and found it touching. Before he knew it, a friendship was formed.

“I make videos to wish him good luck in his games,” Addie said.

Addie and her family need to drive six hours from North Dakota to visit doctors at the University of Minnesota, but one advantage of coming all this way was seeing her friend.

This weekend, Culver surprised Addie at an early birthday party.

“She was at the bowling alley and I showed up and I surprised her and she had a smile on her face, of course,” Culver said.

Then, Sunday, it was off to help Culver in pregame warmups.

Addie needs daily treatment, but despite her condition, she remains active, even playing basketball when she’s well enough.

Whether it’s on the court or in the doctor’s office, each one inspires the other to fight a little harder.

It’s not a typical friendship, but it’s one that will last a lifetime.

“They’re total opposites if you’re looking at them, but deep down, as people, they’re probably more similar than we know, so it’s an amazing connection that they’ve made and it’s remarkable,” said Mike. “We’re so grateful for what he’s done for Addie and for our family.”