The best Minnesota Timberwolves merch and giveaways over 36 seasons

This season ranks among the most successful in Minnesota Timberwolves' history, despite it being a long road filled with many ups and downs. Through it all, the organization has prioritized the fans, striving to provide a great experience whether the team wins or loses.

This marks the Minnesota Timberwolves' 36th season. Regardless of the action on the basketball court, the front office has a critical job: ensuring a memorable fan experience. Sunday, FOX 9 took a look at how they've accomplished this and how its game plan has evolved over the years.

If you’ve ever been to a Wolves game at Target Center you may have gotten directions from an organization icon, Jeff Munneke, who is Vice President of Fan Experience. He says his favorite part of his job is welcoming fans to the game. 

In addition to being in charge of your good time, Munneke also has bragging rights. He’s the only "day one" employee left with the Wolves. Here since the very beginning, 35 seasons, 36 years. 

And "Munn," as he’s known around here, has the throwback receipts to prove it. Posting photos of old-school memorabilia on social media. 

"On opposing road games, I'll take a little trip down memory lane with a nostalgic item. So that could be anything from the KG 'celebri-duck’. It could be the Crunch Howler, it could be the Matchbox car, it could be the Crunch lunch box," he said. 

This season, the Wolves gave away another instant memorabilia classic. It had "fan favorite" written all over it.  

"The Naz Reid towel. I really think it's become the Flat Stanley. If I remember Flat Stanley from your youth and in elementary school, you see these Naz Reid towels everywhere and every beach around the country. It's just awesome," said Munneke. 

And then there’s the merchandise. Fans are buying up in record numbers, including a few pop-up collaborations with local brands. 

"We look for individuals or groups that we can collaborate with that are going to be reflective of true, authentic Minnesota spirit sense of place, but also be reflective and know our brand very well and show that off in a very cool and unique way," said Mike Grahl, the Chief Marketing Officer. 

One of those collaborators is long-time Wolves fan and Lamb Chops clothing designer Jordan Dye. "They said we know that you grew up a big KG fan, like as a kid and stuff like that, and they're like, we really want you to lean into that kind of era."

That Lamb Chops "KG Era" line sold out in less than three minutes. 

"Just had a bunch of people coming up to us like, have you seen the line upstairs? Going up there after that and just like I didn't know what to expect, and it was just all the way down, and people were going crazy over it. It was really cool to see."

Back at the arena another night, another sold-out crowd. A sea of Wolves gear, some old school, some new era, all worn with pride by a fanbase that’s all in.