Fans turn to phones after tech trouble at Allianz Field's World Cup screening

A tech issue that kicked in mid-way through Sunday’s World Cup finale featuring the USA Women didn’t stop fans in the Twin Cities from cheering on their team.

Scores of fans across the Twin Cities turned out to Allianz Field Sunday morning for a special screening event. 

"I'm probably going to cry," said Stella, an excited nine year old.

"It's amazing, the great American spirit, it’s a great crowd," said Allison Costello.

With the match still scoreless at roughly the 60th minute, a potential penalty against the Netherlands seemed to stop time -- until fans at Allianz realized it was the TV screens that froze in this crucial moment.

"Why now, why now of all time," asked Layla Deeq.

That’s when a little American ingenuity kicked in, and fans like Layla Deeq - and her smartphone - made a few friends in time to see the USA take the lead on a penalty kick.

Small screens also showed fans the massive championship-sealing goal with staggered reactions due to different phone streaming speeds.

"Some people are earlier than ours, so some people got the reaction before us, so it was fun," said Layla.

The fun peaked just as some of the brew hall's TVs came back in time to show Team USA take home the trophy.

"Everybody loves soccer, everyone’s here to support the women’s team. It's awesome to see that," said Laurie Rupe.

In a tweet, Minnesota United CEO Chris Wright apologized for the tech problems, saying in part: