Bridgewater: 'We're nowhere near as good as everyone said we were'

At the post-game podium after a sloppy loss to the San Francisco 49ers to open the season, Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater maturely admitted, "We’re nowhere near as good as everyone said we were.”

Adrian Peterson, in his first game back in more than a year, admitted he was still shaking off the rust. He tallied 10 carries for 31 yards in the 20-3 loss, which Peterson labeled “embarrassing.”

Bridgewater also struggled, throwing for just 232 yards and one interception. The first drive at the 49ers’ 26-yard line after a blocked field goal resulted in three incomplete passes by the young quarterback. The Vikings only scored once all night on a field goal.

"It felt good to play again, but it was definitely embarrassing to come out and perform the way we did as a group tonight," Peterson said.