After dramatic off-season, Timberwolves ready to kick off 30th season

Despite all of the off-season turmoil, the Timberwolves are set to tip off their 30th season in the NBA.

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the Timberwolves, but come Wednesday, we'll finally have a chance to talk hoops and see if the wolves can put the saga of the off-season behind them.

The team has seen a disgruntled super star, trade speculation, heated confrontations, poor exhibition play – and the season hasn’t even started yet.

However, Wednesday in San Antonio, the wolves have a chance to start with a clean slate as the games begin to count.

“I see ourselves being a disciplined team, fixing mistakes we made in preseason and being much better than the product we put out there in the preseason,” said Timberwolves F/C Karl-Anthony Towns. I think the intensity will be there and I think it's going to be a great game."

Despite his claim of not feeling the love, Jimmy Butler is expected to suit up for Minnesota and with him, the team believes they have a group that can hang with the best of them.

“[Butler], Wiggs and Kat, you know, together they're a trio that's pretty special and they compliment each other in different ways and jimmy's just a floor general," Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver said.

On the eve of the regular season opener, Jimmy Butler remains a Timberwolf. While that has come with drama, there's no denying that with him, the team is a serious player in the west.

“I feel confident in the guys we have in the locker room, I feel confident in the competition that's here in practice, I feel confident in everyone's talents. So, I feel very confident going in. We just got to do what we need to do to win," Karl-Anthony Towns said.

After the game in San Antonio, the team will return to Minnesota in preparation of their home opener which takes place Friday against the Cavaliers.