'You need to learn how to jump boo': Georgia woman rescues deer in park

A Georgia woman captured on video her hilarious rescue of a deer who kept getting stuck.

Chloe Dorsey says she was on her morning run in Stone Mountain Park when she saw a little deer stuck between two rails of a fence.

Dorsey was able to get the deer out safely and she thought everything was good.

Moments later, the deer got stuck again in a different fence.

"You got stuck again? Oh hell nah," Dorsey says after seeing the little animal's bad decision. "This girl, I swear, this girl here. What is wrong with you, girl? You need to learn how to jump boo!"

Dorsey says the second rescue was more frightening than the first and took a lot more effort.

With all her strength, she was able to move the bars just a little bit, allowing the deer to be free. It quickly ran off into the woods away from all the fences.

Dorsey, who jokingly called herself "Save a Doe, Chlo," says she was just so happy she was at the right place at the right time.