Write-in candidate confirmed as next mayor of Birchwood Township

A northeast metro suburb will be getting a new mayor - a retired grandmother who won her seat last week as a write-in candidate.

Margaret Ford’s name did not appear on the ballot, and yet she received around a hundred more votes than the next top vote getter running for mayor in Birchwood Village.

"It was really democracy in action," said Ford who set out to knock on nearly every door in the weeks leading up to the election.

Ford says she always intended to run, but a family emergency postponed her plans. Once the family member’s health improved, her only option was to run as a write-in candidate.

"It’s not normal and you wouldn’t do it intentionally. I mean it’s a lot of work," said one of Ford’s biggest supporters - outgoing mayor Mary Wingfield. "As soon as Margaret committed to being the candidate, within four days we had signs, within six days we had flyers."

The city’s canvassing board certified Ford’s election win on Tuesday.

The retired attorney says she looks forward to leading the city.

"I want to be a respectful person… just be a person who collaborates with the community."