Woman putting up part of town for sale in Isanti County, Minn.

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If you ever wanted to own a town, now is your chance in rural Isanti County, Minnesota. 

Nestled between St. Francis and Zimmerman, the small town of Crown is looking for a new owner. There are only a handful of buildings and homes in Crown, and it's actually unincorporated.

But now, the owner of several properties wants to sell the land in hopes the town can start developing.

Vonnie Christensen and her partner stop by the bar in Crown often. But on Sunday, it was the first time they've seen the advertisement offering ownership over the property.

"I think it would be great, anything to improve,” Christensen said.

The woman behind the idea is Paula Griffin, who owns the convenience store in town as well as property adjacent to it.

"I have to put the town of Crown on the map, otherwise it will die," she said.

Griffin said she came up with the advertisement to entice developers from all over the state to take in interest in the quaint, historic town. She hopes that by selling to a potential buyer, someone will make a bold transformation.

"The town would love a restaurant, a full-scale restaurant, the building next door to be turned into a bait shop or a mechanic place; they have suggested many things," Griffin said.

"We like being in nature, but not far from town," said Crown resident Sarah Lantto.

Lantto and her family have lived in the heart of downtown for seven years. She said they moved out there for that small town feel and hope it stays that way, but wouldn't mind a few extra businesses moving in.

"I think a coffee shop would be great; that would be my thing. I always thought it would be great to have a coffee shop really close by," she said.

Griffin said she’s taking offers through the end of October and has already met a few people who have expressed interest.