Witnesses recount coming to rescue of Apple River tubing stabbing victims

Some of the people who came to the rescue of five people stabbed while tubing down Apple River in Wisconsin recounted the terrifying moments as they encountered the wounded victims.

The Saturday afternoon stabbing attack in Somerset, Wisconsin claimed the life of a 17-year-old boy from Stillwater and left four others hurt. A 52-year-old man from Prior Lake, Minnesota is now being held in St. Croix County Jail for the attack.

Mark Olson and his family were part of a chaotic scene on the water in Somerset.

"All we heard was 'call 911 call 911,'" said Mark Olson.

"It was just scary because we didn’t know where that person was or what he was doing," said Spencer Olson.

Olson and his group were just a few minutes away from the attack. They came upon the victims on the shoreline, surrounded by 15 to 20 people trying to help them.

"Scrambling and then there are these kids that were with the one that passed away like ‘how could this happen, how could this happen’ and it was just very traumatic, very traumatic," explained Mark.

The four victims that survived are now at Regions Hospital with a number of stab wounds throughout the torso and chest.

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"The first one they were giving CPR to then the next one they were just telling him it’s going to be okay it’s going to be okay," said Kat Fenton, another witness.

Off the water, Kat Fenton says she helped the father of one of the victims who came speeding towards her home nearby.

"I saw blood on his shirt and he was crying," said Fenton. "I got in and I touched his arm and I just said I’ll get you through this I’ll show you where you need to go."

An hour later, at the end of the River Run, Mark Olson’s family watched the arrest of this 52-year-old suspect.

"All of a sudden they took his hat off and then they hauled him away and he was calm as can be with his wife there," added Mark.