Top Teacher: Minnetonka sign language teacher Dr. Tracy Ivy

It's time to recognize another FOX 9 Top Teacher. Monday's ceremony brought us to a sign language classroom at Minnetonka High School.

Out of hundreds of nominations, we select 10 teachers who have significantly impacted our schools and communities. On Monday, Dr. Tracy Ivy was honored.

Dr. Ivy has been teaching American Sign Language at Minnetonka High School for 15 years, where it is offered as a world language. The program includes about 130 hearing students eager to learn sign language. Thanks to Dr. Ivy, these students will carry the skills they've learned into the community.

(FOX 9)

"To see deaf people, so they can get to meet them. Oftentimes ASL is not really supported or advertised or promoted as a program, so these are my future. [I] hope that they would go out into the community and spread the word that ASL is a language and for the future to preserve that," Dr. Ivy explained through an interpreter.

Dr. Ivy will receive several tokens of appreciation for her dedication: a pizza party from Papa Murphy's, a special award for her desk, and $1,000 from Royal Credit Union for her classroom. Congratulations, Dr. Ivy!