Witness details moments after Jamar Clark was shot by Minneapolis police

Jamar Clark’s dad announced Monday that he is taking a stand for his son as controversy and questions swirl around the police shooting that has left the 24-year-old near death.

“I loved my son. For him to die, getting shot like that. That’s bad. Real bad. Police don’t care,” James Hill said. “His brain is dead. Just waiting to pull the plug. Waiting for other family to arrive. But he was already dead when he got to the hospital.”

Clark was shot in the head outside an apartment on Plymouth Avenue N. early Sunday morning. Preliminary witness accounts suggested Clark was handcuffed when a Minneapolis police officer fired. The shooting sparked outrage and protests. PHOTOS - Protest at 4th Precinct.

Tequila Dillon witnessed the immediate aftermath and offered this description: “When they put him on the gurney, that’s when they took one of the handcuffs off. They threw him in the ambulance and they were gone.”

Demonstrators, led by the Black Lives Matter movement, would quickly set up shop outside MPD’s nearby 4th precinct headquarters, blocking the main entrance.

“We’re gonna find out what happened and we’re gonna get to what happened, and we’re gonna stay here until we find out what happened and why,” said community activist John Martin.

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Protestors are demanding that Minneapolis police turn over any video of the incident and publicly name the officers involved. The department said from the outset that Clark wasn’t restrained. They described him as an assault suspect who confronted paramedics and officers who arrived on scene.

Instead of MPD conducting its own review, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will investigate what exactly happened -- a move the local police union welcomed.

“We’ve got confidence in the BCA,” said Lt. Bob Kroll of the Minneapolis Police Union. “Our officers are cooperating with the process. We want people to remain calm. Let the investigation be completed. I am confident, in the end, our officers’ actions will be justified.”

At a Sunday news conference at city hall, Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau urged the community to call the Minnesota BCA at 651-793-7000 with any information.

"We need to know the truth," Harteau said.