WISH GRANTED: Eden's Unicorn Wish comes true in DC

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It was a beautiful Tuesday to make a little girl's wish come true in the nation's capital. Eden, a 5-year-old girl from Upper Marlboro, Md., spent the last year fighting brain cancer. But on this day, she was a princess with a very special wish.

FOX 5 DC teamed up with Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic to make "Eden's Unicorn Wish" a reality. Eden and her family traveled around Washington, D.C. all day in a limousine escorted by the Secret Service, carrying her along the route of a scavenger hunt like no other. Clues led her to six different stops along the way, including the Washington Ballet, a special princess tea party, and even the White House!

But it was at the end of her journey that the moment she had been waiting for finally arrived. A crowd awaited Eden outside the Verizon Center, lining a red carpet. At the end of that carpet was a beautiful white unicorn just for her. The unicorn, which was actually a horse donated by Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Maryland, had a white horn on its head, braided hair, and hooves covered in shiny pink glitter.

The look on Eden's face when she saw her surprise? Simply priceless.



Eden has been through a lot, even though she's only 5. She was diagnosed with brain cancer, and is now in remission! To celebrate, we thought there would be nothing more perfect than granting her wish. 

Live on FOX 5, Eden's dad told us about their journey, which started last December -- almost a year to the day from her wish day. Eden had a seizure when she was on her way home from a friend's birthday party, and of course, her family took her to be checked out. She was okay after that, but about two weeks later, she suffered another seizure.

Many tests later, doctors told the family Eden had a brain tumor. She had surgery on Christmas Eve, and after that, she went through 42 days of radiation, and four months of chemotherapy. But in September, doctors told Eden and her family she was in remission -- the best news a dad could possibly hear. 

Eden's father said their family is beyond grateful for all the support they've received, and through it all, they've kept the faith and kept believing.


Eden’s wish day is a perfect day for YOU to make a difference in the lives of other kids who are also waiting for their wishes. Currently, Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic tells us there are more than 600 local kids on that growing list.

On Eden's special day, Tuesday, December 15 ONLY, all donations that are made to Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic will be MATCHED by an anonymous donor-- up to $500,000! FOX 5 viewers have a chance to make a REAL difference on this day. To make a donation, click here for a special link to Eden's Wish Day page!