Wisconsin snowstorm; bus driver helps stranded motorist in Milwaukee

A Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus driver is being hailed for helping a stranded motorist during the start of our latest snowstorm. 

Around 7 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 12, Andre Clavelli was heading to work when his car lost traction and ended up in a snowbank at Old Orchard Road and Boundary Road. Clavelli tried his best to get unstuck and avoid being late for work. But he could not do it alone. 

While stuck in the snow, cars and trucks passed by. Nobody stopped to help. 


Bus driver helps stranded motorist

After about 15 minutes, an MCTS bus operator pulled over near Clavelli's car. That bus driver, Deneen Tate, ran out of her bus and rushed over to check on Clavelli. Together, Clavelli and Tate rocked the car and got it back onto the road. 

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Tate ran back to her bus. Before leaving, she waited to be sure Clavelli could continue driving. Then she yelled out, "Drive safely!"

Clavelli made it to work and took the time to share his experience with MCTS. 

"I couldn’t do it myself. I am very lucky she was there to help me. Truly blessed and thankful; God bless her. Her timing was perfect," said Clavelli.