Wisconsin man injured chasing after suspect who stole baby shower gifts

An expectant father is recovering from injuries after he tried to stop a suspect from stealing baby shower gifts from their porch Monday in Madison, Wisconsin.

According to Madison police, the victim and his pregnant wife were inside their home when they noticed someone drive come up to their porch. The suspect took several boxes, which contained baby shower gifts, and got into a car. 

The victim ran after the car and grabbed at the passenger window. He was dragged about 20 feet before he fell onto the road.

Officials said the victim pleaded with the suspect, saying, "please stop, I have a kid on the way." 

The victim was treated for road rash, an injured foot, and a knee cut that required stitches.

He and his wife had gotten the license plate of the fleeing car, and it was soon pulled over by Verona Police officers.

The driver, a 22-year-old Madison woman, was tentatively charged with second degree reckless endangerment and theft. A 20-year-old passenger was arrested for receiving stolen property.