Which one is mom? Family photo leaves internet guessing

(Photo: Kaylan Mahomes / Twitter)

OK! We give up!

Just tell us who is who?

The internet community has been scratching its collective head trying to guess the answer to the question: Which one is the mom?

It all started when Kaylan Mahomes posted a sweet photo of her twin sister, her mother, and herself to her Twitter account at the end of January.

But because all three share the same beautiful and youthful features - no one could tell who was who!

The internet went crazy – retweeting the photo almost 20,000 times and giving it 30,000 likes!

So who is the mom? We still don’t know for sure - but a clue might be found in an Instagram video that was posted on February 3. The three ladies pose for what appears to be a photo – but is really a video. They burst into laughter when one of the ladies realizes her mistake! The caption says, “When your mom thinks it’s a picture..lol.”

Could it be that mom has been identified?

Couldn’t be – she looks too young!

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