What Pat Micheletti, friends, kidneys and normalcy have in common

Pat Micheletti got to call "Let's Play Hockey" at the Xcel Energy Center before Thursday night’s Minnesota Wild matchup against the Calgary Flames. He received his brother's kidney last year when his own failed -- too much ibuprofen, his doctor said. However, he wasn't the only one here tonight with a story like that and a lesson to share.

A chance to twirl on the Wild's center ice would cause many a Minnesotan to show such joy, but for Ellen Rorman, her joy comes not from what's below her, but who’s around her. Friend Chelsey Larson gave Ellen, long suffering from kidney failure, a new kidney. A new kidney gave Ellen normalcy. Together, they enjoyed normalcy at a Wild game.

“I think it's weird to say my life is normal because most people think normal is really boring, but I'm glad to say it's normal,” Ellen said.

“My life’s purpose now is to just spread awareness," Chelsey added.

That chain of giving connected Ellen and Chelsey to former Gophers star Micheletti. After his kidneys failed, his brother gave him a new one last year.

“It really brought us closer together when this happened, and it's emotional. I recall right before surgery, I didn't know what to say to him. Thank you for doing this and saving my life,” he said.

The Wild crowd heard Micheletti's story, and hopefully, now understand, like Ellen and Chelsey, what it means to find a bit of joy in normalcy, too.