Wesley Andrews named best coffee shop in MN, brings chemistry back to coffee

A Minneapolis coffee shop as received national attention in the last few weeks after it was named “Best Coffee Shop in Minnesota” by Food and Wine Magazine and “Best Roaster in Minnesota” by City Pages. 

Wesley Andrews opened just 18 months ago. Co-owners Jared Thomson and Johan Podlewski said the idea to start a coffee shop came to them while they were drinking tea and smoking cigars. They realized that connecting with people over a good quality product was something they were both passionate about. 

“We wanted to start a business that offered amazing products that let people connect with each other,” said Podlewski. 

Both Podlewski and Thomson are in their early twenties. They came up with the idea to open a coffee shop a few months after graduating high school. 

Over the years, coffee has been ground down to instant coffee and pods. Wesley Andrews is bringing chemistry back to coffee one cup at a time. 

Wesley Andrews is located at 111 E 26th Street in Minneapolis.