Watch: Hiker rescues dog lost 1,000 feet up on trail

An avid hiker became an unlikely hero after rescuing a dog from a hiking trail in Hawaii. 

Sergio Florian frequents the trails behind his Ka’aawa home several times a week and nothing particularly remarkable happens on those hikes. 

But on Wednesday, Florian came across a frightened and injured dog in one of the more "treacherous" parts of the trail, according to KITV. 


FILE - Still image taken from video showing a dog being rescued after getting lost on a trail in Hawaii.

"It was unfathomable how the dog could've gotten there," Florian told KITV.

The dog was curled up in the middle of the trail and appeared exhausted. 


FILE - Stevie curled up on a trail after being found by Sergio Florian.  (INSTAGRAM / @wellnesspt)

So Florian did what any animal-lover would do – he rescued that poor pup and carried her down the mountain. 

In a video shared by Florian on his social media, he documented their descent from the mountain, with frequent breaks in between. 

"I don’t know whose girl this is, but we’re going to find out," Florian can be heard in the video. "I’m just taking a rest in between. I’m going to take her down." 

Florian and the dog were able to make it safely and, after he posted a video of the dog on social media, managed to find the dog's owner. 

The dog, whose name is Stevie, had apparently gotten loose during a walk with her own family and took off down a pig trail, KITV reported. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.