Want to be a Vampire? Local 'Fangsmith' creates fangs

He calls himself 'Father Sebastiaan', and his specialty is making fangs for people with a fascination for Vampires.

Sebastiaan says, “I created an international network; I travel all over the world making fangs.” 

The fangs cost $150 a pair. “My training is that of a dental technician. I’m not a dentist. I’m not able to change the structure or chemistry of someone’s mouth. I make a prosthetic appliance that caps the tooth. They are not permanent, they’re removable,”says Sebastiaan. 

Since the 90’s, Sebastian has been busy making fangs. He says he first went to his Grandfather, an orthodontist, to ask for fangs for himself, but he says, “My grandfather said you’re crazy. You’re a satanist. I said Grandpa.. ‘I go to church every Sunday with you. How do you think I’m a satanist?’ Why do you want to point your teeth? I’m not gonna make you fangs.”

Sebastian swears he’s not a satanist but he does love the vampire world. A fantasy world that loves him right back. He says, “Do what you love and the success will come. It’s not about the money. The gratification is connecting with people and changing people’s lives for the better.

Check out Father Sebastiaan's official website.

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