Video: Tornado causes damage after touching down in Panama City Beach

As daylight broke along Florida’s panhandle, residents in Panama City Beach got a glimpse of the damage left behind after a tornado touched down Tuesday morning. 

Video shot by Chris Keefe showed the path of destruction the tornado left in its wake on the east end of Panama City Beach.

The video shows toppled trees, flipped cars, roofs caved in, and debris littered throughout the area.

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Officials warned residents that another line of storms was going to come through and asked them to get in their vehicles and leave the area.

An official can be heard on a bullhorn saying, "Folks, it is coming through, find a place to shelter. Get in your vehicles and get out of here." 

Video by Cameron Thrasher shows damage to Lower Grand Lagoon. However, other video shows homes completely destroyed.

Severe weather timeline: Here’s when storms are expected to roll into Bay Area

Osterberg says the tornado continued to move up to Interstate 10, which is about an hour north of Panama City Beach. He says it went through the city of Marianna and as of 8 a.m. was beginning to weaken near Donaldsonville.

According to Osterberg, the tornado was ahead of a line of storms that is expected to pass through the Bay Area on Tuesday afternoon.


He says that the main line of thunderstorms is producing three separate tornado warnings just east of Pensacola.

According to Osterberg, the Bay Area will be most impacted by the storm from 2 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday.