VIDEO: Subway rat hauls slice of pizza down stairs

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A New York City subway rat has become a social media folk hero of sorts. A video posted to YouTube Monday shows a rat dragging an entire slice pizza down a flight of stairs in a subway station in Manhattan. The rat makes it almost to the bottom when it drops the slice and scurries away. Seconds later, it peers back through the railing at the slice, but the video ends there so the world will never know if #PizzaRat managed to bring the pizza home.

Comedian Matt Little shot the video in the First Avenue station on the L train line early Monday. "I know that what I saw was so strange that I couldn't not record it," Little told Fox 5's Mac King. "I woke up and thumbed through my videos and saw that and said: 'Oh, I forgot I did this. This'll be fun to put up.'"

As you can imagine, Twitter and Facebook exploded with tributes to #PizzaRat. Within hours, #PizzaRat was trending with more than 20,000 users Tweeting about him.

"Pizza rat is the hero New York City deserves," Little said. "He is an inspiration to everyone. It reminds us to not only do our best but to do your best with what you have."