Video response to home invasion worries Brooklyn Park Police

A home invasion in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, took on a new twist this week when a victim who had been shot twice in the legs posted a rap video from his hospital bed taunting the shooter to try again - a move police worry will lead to retaliation and more violence.

The incident shocked neighbors in what they say is an otherwise quiet neighborhood, with three masked men entering the home around 11 p.m. before tying up seven people--and two young children--with duct tape.

The building is home to Julian McAfee, the son of prominent north Minneapolis pastor Jerry McAfee, who returned home around noon to gunfire near his front door. Despite sustaining two shots to his legs, the younger McAfee managed to run through the home and into the bedroom where his two children and several others were held hostage, ultimately jumping through the window and running next door for help.

Police have declined to say whether the target was drugs, cash or Julian McAfee himself. 

“We don’t believe this was random,” said Brooklyn Park Police Deputy Chief Mark Bruley on Friday. “We have information that this home was targeted specifically.”

In the immediate aftermath of the robbery, 31-year-old McAfee posted a picture of himself from a hospital bed making a crude gesture with his finger. The picture was accompanied by the message, “Couple shots ain’t stopping s—t, try again.”

The picture was followed by a rap video posted to YouTube Tuesday showing McAfee in his hospital room at North Memorial with a blunt and wads of money, singing over the hook from 50 Cent's song "Many Men."

In the video, which is loaded with offensive language, McAfee raps, “Shot through the door while I’m in the hood, n-----s missed me with the shots, now I’m rolling through the hood with two clips.”

McAfee repeatedly gestures with his middle finger, and draws his hand across his throat in a slicing motion.

Brooklyn Park Police declined to talk about the video in an on-camera interview, but told Fox 9 they fear retaliation on both sides. They also worry the large amount of cash he displays could make him a target again.

Pastor Jerry McAfee, a longtime community leader in Minneapolis, said he wants his son to “be wise,” and “use his talents in a different way.” The older McAfee said his son has been pursuing a rap career in Chicago.

On Facebook, Julian McAfee is promising to release new, original material in the near future.

The three suspects in the home invasion remain at large and the investigation is active.

Julian McAfee contacted Fox 9 via Facebook message to say the cover song was recorded previously when his car was shot at in 2014.  But it is also clear the video accompanying the song was recorded and produced in the hospital after he was shot Friday morning.