Video of Richfield HS fight shows coordinated attack against student, family says

Richfield High School is on spring break this week, but a lot of questions are swirling around the school after a portion of a classroom fight that took place earlier this month was caught on video.

The 30-second clip appears to show the start of a fight inside a Richfield High School classroom on Friday, March 20.

Dawson Omlie, wearing an orange t-shirt, is in the middle of it all.

The footage shows some antagonizing. Dawson gets shoved, and the retaliates.

"It was just my head that was throbbing," Dawson tells Fox 9. "It hurt so much."

His mother, Amy Omlie, can hardly watch the clip.

"I don't want to see somebody hurt my kid," she says. "I can't do it. Uh, uh."

The Omlies believe Dawson was hit upside his head some 20 times by one hoodie-wearing classmate. Another student allegedly kicked Dawson in the face.

Now, the Omlies are demanding that police and the school hold those involved accountable.

They allege the video shows a coordinated, almost rehearsed attack.

"They are recording even before the kid goes in to push him," Dawson's father, Justin Omlie, says.

Richfield's police chief did confirm that his department is investigating the fight that took place in the classroom adjacent to a morning woodshop class.

In addition to the clip of the fight that's been making the rounds on social media, the Omlies say they've heard from others that there's additional footage showing the entire altercation.

They're willing to pay $200 to anyone willing to share the longer clip with authorities, "so our son could get justice," Amy says.

School district officials aren't commenting on the video or Omlie's allegations about the story surrounding it.