Video from undercover officer released in Le Sueur County murder-for-hire case

After being handed photos of what she thought was her dead ex-husband, Blanche Wilson says, "Perfect," and hugs his supposed killer.

It's all part of an exchange caught on a hidden camera by an undercover police officer--now public record after the criminal case wrapped up in Le Sueur County Court earlier this month.

Wilson and her mother, Linda Bloom, were sentenced to 15 and 11 years in prison, respectively, marking the county's first "murder conspiracy" conviction in the last 17 years. 

In the video Wilson hands over the title of her car to the undercover officer as payment for the murder of her ex-husband, showing "absolutely no remorse," according to Assistant Le Sueur County Attorney Jason Moran. She also promised to pay the alleged killer over $7,000 after obtaining a home equity loan.

The plot was an attempt for Wilson to regain custody of the couple's three daughters from her ex-husband Shaun Wilson, who had been living in South Dakota since 2008. Shaun met with authorities there to stage the photos of his death, working with Le Sueur and Blue Earth County officials in the investigation.

Shaun now tells the Mankato Free Press, "I'll never stop looking over my shoulder."