Vandals strike vehicles at random in Plymouth, Minn.

Plymouth police are investigating after they received more than two dozen reports of vandalism this week, including shattered car windows and damages from spray paint.

“This is my first car, I’ve only been driving since November,” said Russell Brown, a vandalism victim.

Already, Brown has had to have his back window repaired after vandals struck early Thursday morning.

“I came out here and there was glass all over the driveway, like my trunk was full of the glass,” said Brown. “It was kind of disheartening in a way, like why me?”

He wasn't alone.

“We’ve taken 26 reports so far of damage, mostly damage to vehicles, vehicle windows shot out with a pellet gun,” said Plymouth Police Sgt. Angela Haseman.

Sgt. Haseman said the vandals hit areas of town east of I-494 and that the vandals also spray-painted vulgar and hateful graffiti, including swastikas.

“There were one or two, but again just based on the random pattern, there’s no indication that anybody was specifically targeted,” said Sgt. Haseman.

Police are asking homeowners to check if they captured any of the suspected vandalism on home surveillance cameras.

“We have no suspects, no witnesses, so we’re really asking the public’s help if they have seen anything or they have heard anything,” said Sgt. Haseman.

Brown considers himself fortunate; he was back on the road within hours.

“I was lucky, my insurance covered it,” said Brown. “But there are other people who had to pay for the damages out of pocket and it’s going to be a weeks-long battle to repair everything, so life can go back to how it was.”

Police believe they have received most of the reports of damages, but they're encouraging anyone else who had their car or home vandalized late Wednesday or early Thursday to contact them at Plymouth Police at (763)509-5160 or at