Urgent plea from a Minnesota nonprofit that ensures families in need have Thanksgiving dinner

A Minnesota nonprofit that steps up every year to make sure families in need have a Thanksgiving Day dinner is issuing an urgent plea for help.

Traditionally, the Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition helps to feed about six hundred people on Thanksgiving. This year though, the nonprofit's plan for a "Thanksgiving dinner to-go" fell through just a few days ago when a grocer the organization partnered with said they could only provide butter.  

Now, Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition head Alexander Bourne is hoping the community will help as he feels an obligation to still help out those who need a meal. 

Bourne said, "y’all don’t understand. We have vulnerable populations that are eager to capitalize and benefit from the resources that we have right away available to us. I just want to encourage everyone to support us."  

The Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition is known for its community work, including laundry day where Twin Cities residents line up to get all their laundry done for free. To help out with donations, visit the coalition’s website.