Uptown business owners launch GoFundMe as pandemic continues to slow sales

Uptown businesses are banding together to support those struggling through the pandemic. (FOX 9)

While businesses wait to find out if they’ll be getting help, many are relying on their communities for support more than ever.

In Uptown in Minneapolis, some businesses owners are banding together to make sure others can stay afloat.

From an empty bar at LynLake Brewery in Uptown to a closed storefront just down the street at Captain Rebel Apparel Store, sales at some businesses in Uptown are way down -- especially during what would normally be a busy holiday season.

“We need small businesses, we are the community," said Timothy Sledge, who owns Tighten Up Body Sculpting.

Sledge has taken a hit having to move his workout classes all online again and has watched others struggle too.

"I knew it was time for us to do something," he says.

He and a few Uptown businesses started a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising money to help businesses pay their employees.

"The employees are the ones that are really struggling right now," said Sledge.

So when Uptown picks back up, a community will still be here.

"These small businesses are the ones keeping the city afloat and we’re also the main ones that’s going under," he concludes.

For now, it's a waiting game for many business owners. They are waiting to see if lawmakers pass some sort of stimulus package next week and waiting to see if Governor Walz extends current restrictions.