University of Minnesota dance team reacts after viral video

Dancers on the University of Minnesota Dance Team are returning to their home state as national champions and viral sensations. Millions of people on social media watched their dance routine at a national competition over the weekend.

The Gophers' take on the Aerosmith classic "Dream On" has been shared worldwide as the internet marvels over the incredible synchronization.

"I decided I wanted to be on this team when I was in eighth grade. So, it's been a long dream of mine and feels really crazy that like I have finished out my performances with this team and this program," said senior Kianee Bouavichith.

Bouavichith's final college season will end on a high note. She and junior Kally Hilton are leaving Orlando, Florida, heading home with two national titles.

"When we get back on campus and people in class are suddenly knowing who we are, it does kind of take you… by surprise because dance hasn't always received that kind of recognition. So, it does mean a lot," Hilton said.

For the second year in a row, the U’s dance team took home first place for its poms performance at the 2024 UCA & UDA College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championships in Florida.

Meanwhile, the jazz performance to "Dream On" took second place, but it's become a viral sensation in part because of a difficult turn sequence in the latter half of the performance.

"To get 20 people to be in sync at the same time, to not only turn but then flip out of the turn and continue rotating at the perfect time and keeping your legs in line and your center in check – it took a lot of practice and a lot to get clean," Hilton said.

The dance is made even more special because the 2004 dance team also danced to the same song, making this performance the 20th anniversary.

"It was kind of like our love letter to our legacy to the University of Minnesota Dance Team," Bouavichith said.

They both started dancing at young ages, but Hilton notes that joining college dance specifically is one of the greatest things she's done in her life not just because she's improved as an athlete but also as a person.

"I was a very individual dancer before I joined the University of Minnesota, and it just means so much more now to step out onto the floor and share any gifts that I have because what gives it so much power is that we're doing it together," Hilton said.