Unique weather conditions make for longer, tough allergy season

Even though it feels nice out, the warm temperatures are elongating this year's fall allergy season.

It’s an odd fall mix heading into the holiday season. 

Dr. Pramod Kalkar, an Allergist at Allina, said that when temperatures are warmer and it’s windy and wet outside, that’s going to create more mold exposure.

He said the pollen counts are low, but mold is hard to measure because they are typically concentrated in poles of leaves.

“If you’re measuring the mold count a mile from there, you may not have it. But when you are actually raking the leaves yourself, you’re going to get exposed to it right there,” he said.

But this wind is spreading them out, and as we head into the holidays, Kalkar warns of some other holiday allergic issues, one of them being the Christmas tree.

If you use artificial, the dust it’s collected could fire up your allergies.

Kalkar also warns to be wary of gifts with nickel - a common metal allergy. He also advises taking allergy medication and being mindful of possible food allergies at parties.