Uber driver unites championship ring with player

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It's been a three-year delay, but finally, Alabama former football player Trent Richardson has his college championship football back in his possession.

He lost the ring three years ago in Athens.

Larry Walter, an Uber driver found it while picking up some nighttime passengers in downtown Athens.

"At the time when I got out I noticed something glowing as I was standing out I'm looking, what is that shining over there. It's a national championship ring for Alabama, Trent Richardson's ring", said Walter

He said he plopped the gold, diamond and ruby ring in his jewelry box after trying unsuccessfully to find Richardson.

When the championship game between Georgia and Alabama, Walter had another idea.

"I said ‘Oh, I got Trent’s ring, maybe he'll be in town and I can get in touch with him and reunite him with his national championship ring,’" said Walter.

He figured FOX 5's Randy Travis could help connect him to the team, which Travis did.

Walter and an Alabama Athletics representative met at the Hilltop Grille in Athens where Walter posed with the ring before it was handed over to Richardson the night of the big game in Atlanta.

"All I wanted was a thank you and that's what he gave me. And my main concern was reuniting with him and giving him his national championship ring," said Walter

He said he hopes to meet face to face with Richardson in the near future but has already gotten an invitation from Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

"I had a special invite to the campus of Alabama to meet Nick Saban and the crew, so one day me and my wife, we'll do that," said Walter.

Not surprisingly while Walter had the ring he said he had many offers to help him out. He said he is glad he hung on to it so the that the rightful owner now has it back.

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