Two corrections officers injured at Oak Park Heights correctional facility

Two corrections officers were injured in inmate assaults at the Oak Park Heights correctional facility Thursday night, according to the Department of Corrections.

A DOC spokeswoman says the assaults happened while officers were transporting an inmate from the gym. A second inmate also became involved. Of the three officers involved in the incident, two were injured and received treatment at a hospital. Those officers have since been released.

The two inmates were placed in restrictive housing. The prison is under lockdown. 

The incident is still under investigation.

According to the DOC, before Thursday night's incident this year there have been 38 staff assault cases, which could be reviewed for criminal charges. Some of the cases had multiple workers involved, showing 51 staff listed as victims. Last year, there were 47 staff assault cases with 59 staff listed as victims.

Two Minnesota corrections officers have died in the line of duty this year.