Twin Cities university launches free tuition scholarship program

A Twin Cities university is taking steps to make the dream of obtaining a college education more attainable. 

North Central University in Minneapolis announced this week it is launching a free tuition scholarship program. The initiative could bring financial relief to hundreds of students.

In the next academic year, North Central will offer full tuition scholarships for lower income students. "We’ve been pretty innovative to try to find ways to help meet the dreams and desires of our students, but this is one we’re particularly happy about," said Dr. Tim Hager, Vice President of Business and Operations at North Central.  

The Minnesota Tuition Guarantee Scholarship Fund will apply to the 2022-2023 school year. Dr. Hager says the initiative will help clear the path to higher education for those who may feel it's out of reach. "We think that this will really fill a gap," Dr. Hager said.

Those who apply must meet a number of requirements which include having at least a 3.25 GPA, be a new incoming freshman and Minnesota resident. 

"And the thing that we feel is really going to be helpful for students is that this is really targeting those families whose adjusted gross incomes are under $60,000 dollars," Dr. Hager said.

North Central University is located in downtown Minneapolis. It's a smaller private university with a little over a thousand students. 

"Initially we started as a bible college to be able to move ministers into pulpits around Minnesota and around the world actually, and it’s developed over time," said Dr. Hager. 

From finance to pre-law, today the university offers a variety of degrees. And now a new pathway of financial support. 

"We feel like the resources at North Central being able to be extended that there will be a lot of stars out there, students who haven’t realized their college education yet, that will say ‘I need to step into this,’ that this will be a hand up that will be life-changing for hundreds of students," Dr. Hager said. 

The scholarship covers tuition and not room and board. Those students who are awarded funding for the 20-22 23 school year must live on campus.  The scholarship is renewable for up to four years. For more information click here