Twin Cities first 90° day is right on target

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After months of anticipation for summer weather fanatics, much of southern and central Minnesota got into the 90s for the first time since last August.  While June is historically a summer month, it’s certainly the coolest of our summer months as we are still trying to shake of spring and head into the peak heat season.  However, climatologically speaking, we are right on target for our first 90°+ day.  For the metro and much of the Minnesota River Valley as well as the Buffalo Ridge, the first 90° day comes around the first day of June.  For every other area along and south of I-94, it’s usually the middle of June before 90° is reached.  For cabin country, it could easily be July or August before 90° is reached, if at all.

While a two digit temperature starting with a 9 isn’t particularly common around here, it may happen far more often then you realize… might be especially shocking to non-Minnesotans who think we live in igloos all year round.  The Twin Cities averages 15 days at or warmer than 90°.  While it has been fairly sparse since 2013, occurring just 16 times in the last 3 summers combined, when can spend years roasting like we did in 2012, where we warmed past 90°+ on more than 30 occasions.