Twin Cities' craft beer store The Four Firkins is closing

The Four Firkins, a popular Twin Cities craft beer retailer with two locations, is going out of business this week, they announced Tuesday. Its St. Louis Park location first opened up in 2008, and the Oakdale store opened just last fall.

"Due to increased competition from big-box retailers and grocery stores, as well as other factors (highway closures, Sunday sales laws), we are unable to continue to provide the high-quality, personalized retail experience we expect and our customers deserve," The Four Firkins wrote on their website. "It's disappointing, but ultimately it's the right decision."

The last day of operations in Oakdale will be Friday, and the St. Louis Park store will close on Saturday. If you have a keg to return, you can do so at the store or any other liquor store in town that carries that beer.

According to their website, the stores will be making cash-only sales until then and will not be redeeming gift cards.

"Let's not get too maudlin," Jason Alvey, the store owner said. "There's beer to be had! Please stop in over the next week to get your last taste of the Firkins and take home some of the freshest craft beer in town."