Gifts for hard-to-shop-for tweens

Somewhere between toys and technology are these great gifts for tweens.

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Ridell Ice Skates


The Riedell Sparkle is perfect for the recreational or beginning skater, with the comfort and performance you need to make memories on the ice. Enjoy the soft, padded lining, stabilizing split tongue design, and reinforced lace hooks which all work in unison to keep your feet comfortable and secure. 100% vegan uppers protect your feet from the ice and cold. No maintenance PVC soles and stainless-steel blades providing a hassle-free experience. | Buy It

Make It Real Mini Pottery Studio


Tweens can make their own mini pottery masterpieces with the innovative Mini Pottery Studio. No need for expensive classes and the hassle of cleaning up… you don’t even have to bake the air-dry clay. All materials store inside the USB powered studio. The cord is included but you will need a wall adapter. | Buy It

Pop Style Bracelet Maker


Let your child express their creativity with this DIY bracelet making kit, perfect for young makers that love friendship bracelets & bracelet making! Select from 170 stylish beads, including gold chains, emojis, faceted, peek-a-boo, striped beads, and letter stickers to make BFF bracelets for besties!  Plus, included storage means stress-free cleanup. | Buy It

Smillows Gourmet Scented Pillows


Smillows are super soft accent throw pillows with gourmet scented microbeads sewn right into the stuffing.  Scents last up to two years and come in vacuum sealed plastic and pillows come in variety of scents and styles. | Buy It

Create Your Own Lava Lamp


There’s nothing that’s stood the test of time with each new generation like a Lava Lamp.  Choose from an iconic ready-designed collection including the new Flowback Lava Lamp series which brings back the retro vibe of the 70’s with a modern twist or let your tween design their own for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. | Buy It

Photo Creator Camera


This 3-in-1 compact camera has 20 fun effects to add to pictures. Easily switch modes to choose between the digital photo, video, and instant print settings!  Want more wow?  Use markers and stickers to decorate your printouts. | Buy It

Band Candy Apple Watch Charms


It’s time to sweeten their Apple Watch with Band Candy straps, charms and sliders.  The entire collection delivers exceptional quality, comfort and style.  With so many to choose from the combinations are endless. | Buy It

Sky Viper Vector Stunt Plane


Experience fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants excitement you just can’t get with flying a drone. Vector’s high power-to-weight ratio and advanced flight stabilization makes flying a breeze by automatically compensating for environmental changes like shifting winds. Perform amazing loop and barrel roll stunts with a single press of a button. Caught up in the excitement and flew out of range? No problem. Vector glides to a soft landing and auto-beeps to help ensure a swift and easy recovery. | Buy It

Razor Ground Force Rad Rod


Great for younger tweens this electric powered ride on is capable of high-performance maneuvers like power slides, drifts and burnouts. The compact design makes it easy to store and fits easily in the trunk of a car to take to the park. | Buy It

Penn and Teller Magic Lab VR


Join Penn & Teller on stage in Las Vegas at the Penn & Teller Theater in VR! Virtual reality brings this 50-page magic guide to life, teaching 28 step-by-step magic tricks in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. From card tricks to illusions, this unique educational toy embodies core magical principles, fostering a fundamental and captivating understanding behind the art of magic. VR goggles included, just add your own smartphone. | Buy It

KAI the Artificial Intelligence Robot


Explore the future of advanced computing technology with KAI — short for Kosmos Artificial Intelligence! Build and program an intelligent, six-legged, app-enabled robot that uses machine learning to react to the gestures and sounds that you make. Using the app and your smart device’s camera and microphone, record physical gestures and sounds, assigning them to KAI’s five functions: walk forward and backward, turn left and right, and stop. The AI will learn to recognize each gesture or sound, even if they differ in small details. | Buy It