Trump indictment: Minnesota political leaders react

News that former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a New York grand jury is drawing a wide range of reactions from political leaders in Minnesota.

Statement from Minnesota GOP

"It is disconcerting to see our justice system used to pursue partisan ends. A Democrat district attorney is busy tying up time and resources to go after a political opponent instead of cracking down on lawlessness in New York – which just saw another year of record-breaking crime." – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann

Statement from Rep. Ilhan Omar

"Our democracy rests on the rule of law. When someone—no matter how powerful they are—is suspected of a criminal act, our justice system investigates, charges, and convicts them in accordance with due process.

"This is just one of many criminal acts for which Donald Trump is being investigated. Make no mistake: the fact that one of the most powerful people in the world was investigated impartially and indicted is testament to the fact that we still live in a nation of laws. And no one is above the law. 

"Now it is up to all of us, as citizens and elected leaders, to support accountability and to follow the facts where they lead. Political interference in a criminal investigation, up to and including incitement of violence, are hallmarks of democratic decline. I hope all of my colleagues will join me in supporting justice and accountability—regardless of party—for the sake of our democracy."

Statement from Rep. Tom Emmer

"It’s a sad state of affairs when socialist DA’s would rather pursue a politically motivated witch hunt against President Donald Trump than crack down on violent crime. The American people won’t forget."

Statement from Rep. Angie Craig

Statement from Rep. Betty McCollum

"No one is above the law—not even a current or former president," McCollum said. "It is important that in our society, the legal system holds people accountable for crimes committed. No exception should be given for a twice-impeached former president—to do so would undermine the rule of law and our democracy. I stand on the side of justice and fairness over corruption and corrosion of our democratic values."