Travelers from Tampa arrive in MSP ahead of possible hurricane

Travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were arriving from Florida’s Gulf Coast region, ahead of Tampa shutting down its airport Tuesday.

Tampa International Airport announced Monday it would be shutting down all operations at midnight, in preparation for a potential Category 3 hurricane that was making its way towards the Gulf Coast.

The National Weather Service warned that tropical storm Idalia was likely to make landfall Wednesday, bringing with it hurricane-force winds, storm surge, and flash flooding to parts of Florida’s west coast.

Both Delta and Sun Country Airlines said they were allowing all passengers with flights in the region over the next few days to make booking changes free of charge. Delta moved at least one flight from Tuesday to late Monday night, according to Flight Aware, as airlines hurried to get passengers re-booked.

A spokesperson with Sun Country Airlines said the company will continue to monitor the weather and make decisions as the hurricane develops.

Passengers arriving on a Delta flight Monday night at MSP told FOX 9 that many gas stations in the Tampa area were running out of gas Monday afternoon and that grocery stores were depleted of ice and water, as residents prepared for the worst.