Tips to keep your pet safe during Fourth of July fireworks

Loud noises can be very scary for pets and every year, pets are lost, hurt, and even killed after being scared by Fourth of July fireworks.

More pet runaways happen on Independence Day than any other day of the year.  As a result, shelters report an influx of lost cats and dogs in the days around the holiday.

But there are many ways to help protect and keep your fur friend safe this Independence Day.

Here’s how to show you love them just as much as your country:

- Play a game or go for a long walk during the day so they won’t be so wound up later
- Close your blinds, curtains, and windows. Animals have been known to  jump fences, break chains, and even leap through glass windows
- Be certain their collar identification and microchip is up to date in case they get loose 
- Select a cool and quiet room where the noise will be at a minimum
- Turning on the air conditioner, fan, or television can help drown out noise even further
- For extra comfort, put on some classical music-- or their favorite tunes
- If your pet has a history of panicking speak to your vet about sedating them 
- Board them. If your neighborhood is particularly loud, it may be best for your pet
- Skip the fireworks! Stay in with your fur friend to keep them company while distracting them with fun games

And last but not least, NEVER bring your pet around fireworks! Aside from the obvious burns that could result, unused fireworks can pose a danger if they contain toxic substances.