Thousands of people come together for 10-year-old Barway Collins' funeral

Approximately 2000 people filled the Shiloh Temple Church Saturday in north Minneapolis for 10-year-old Barway Collins' funeral. Many showed up wearing white as requested by Barway's biological mother, Louise.

"Let us celebrate his life."

Barway's casket was opened only briefly for immediate family, including his biological mother Louise Karluah.

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"Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there." Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek read poetry at the funeral "I am the soft stars that shine at night."

A volunteer who helped search for Barway read a note left by one of his classmates, "I am so sorry you died, if I could I would bring you back. At the school, everybody misses you and cares about you." Many in the room cried of sadness.

Sheryl Ray from Evergreen Elementary School shared Barway's most memorable quality. "He had this infectious energy that everyone around him noticed."

Terma Collins, who is the brother of Barway's father and accused murdered Pierre Collins stood next to Yamah Collins. "We want you to pray for us."

The people who traveled with Louise, thanked Terma Collins for insisting the funeral be delayed, so she could be there to say goodbye to her son.